Emperor Nehru's New Groove (Cover + Details)

Aye, Its been a while. So fuck it imma get straight to it. Everything has been going incredibly well. Working on a lot of music. I could honestly release about 4 projects. But quality over quantity always. The latest project i've been working on is a album i'm going to put out for free called "Emperor Nehru's New Groove." Im extremely confident in this idea as i've had this concept in mind since about 16/17.  If you're looking for a full boom bap project this ISN'T it. But there will be some coming shortly. This project is the sound of an Emperor the positives and the negatives. The project is produced by Myself, Shellgod, Alexx, AllTheseFingers & Jay808. Again i'm extremely confident in this project. For now i'll only be releasing the cover to the public eye. A release will be coming shortly as well as singles and videos. WITNESSTHEEMPEROR. 

The Most Versatile Musician.


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