Markel in Chinatown, LA with a Bruce Lee statue.

Peace yall, I have finally returned from resurrection. I am going to transform this blog into my diary, my journal if you will. This universe is now my biggest outlet, my biggest source of freedom. Me, not showing you everything that i'm going through and holding off on certain opinions is selfish and is disrespectful to those who have blessed me with the ability to have such a perspective. With that being said, if you've been sticking around I appreciate it. I'm going to start releasing more music, behind the scenes footage, music videos, daily vlogs, and just creative visuals overall that will show the true art that i'm holding inside and that the industries forces are hiding from you. I was just in Los Angeles finishing up some music & a video. A nice little EP should be on the way soon along with some more music. Its KULT LIFE / NEHRUVIA forever. 



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