Bishy's Back Blogging

I been gone from the blog from a while. . There was a lot of fuckery going on luckily through it all I was still creating as expected. I created a blogger beacause Wordpress is acting funny. Im going to be on here a lot, More than Twitter/Tumblr etc. This is really about to become my main place for posting. Simply for *ehm ehmm* documentation purposes... This combined with YouTube should give more insight into my musical mind and therefore give you a better connection to my entire music catalog.
More music is coming very soon. I have so many ideas that have been coming to me not that it's something foreign occurring but it's all happening on a whole different level & everything is lining up beautifully people are seeing and believing.
About to be way more active posting all the other things I take the time out of my day creating and researching just bear with me. 
- Bishop. 


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